Tips to Picking the Right Cause for Your Business.

4 min readFeb 17, 2021

Over sixteen million people around the world are searching the internet for a cause to support. Individuals and companies who can offer assistance are trying in different ways to choose the right causes to support.

The last year has been one of the most difficult we have all ever experienced. No matter who you are, you have experienced some pain or discomfort in the last couple of months. The suffering of the world has never been more glaring. The needs of the future have never been more pressing.

Your organization does not have to wait until it is a behemoth before it can lend support. There are so many ways in which organizations can help charities and nonprofits. Reading this article would save your organization a lot of time and effort towards meeting its charity goals.

So, how do you go about choosing the right causes for your organization to support? How does your organization find different ways to lend support charities in other ways? How does your organization to highlight the excellent work of charities and nonprofits?

Here are some tips to help your organization make the decision on which cause or nonprofit to support:

  1. Know Your Values

What are your company’s values? What is your passion as an individual and an organization? What do you represent as a brand? Choosing a cause or a charity organization that identifies with your brand would give an added benefit towards meeting your goals.

It is good to know that your organization is in bed with a charity or nonprofit that shares the same values as you and your company. You get to lend support to causes that are passionate to your organization, and you can see the effects in your company, the community and the world in general.

  1. Engage Your Employees

Selecting a charity organization that supports a cause that your employees are passionate about is just the smart thing to do. The support and assistance your organization would get would be overwhelming. This also goes back to your company values. What are your company’s values? Does your organization hire people that reflect its values?

Likewise, why not ask the staff? Make things interesting. Send out a poll. Talk to them about causes they support and charities that they know personally. Get your staff involved in the decision-making process.

Let them make recommendations to the organization on how it can help the community. Let them feel a sense of ownership in your company. Your organizations gets to choose a cause its employees will always get behind; improve the work environment, and also boost employee morale.

  1. Location.

Home or Abroad? In the state or other parts of the country? In the central city or the inner villages? An international program or something in your organization’s local community? Just by asking these questions, you can see where this is going already.

Furthermore, the distance to any charity or nonprofit your company chooses to select is important because it impacts how you can offer assistance. Some charities in local communities can accept donations in other forms. Your organization is not limited to financial aid alone.

Supporting charity organizations in your local community allows you to provide services or produce goods specifically tailored to their needs. This extra support would go a long way in helping their mission, and the cause your organization supports.

  1. Transparency. Integrity. Accountability.

These words speak for themselves. Investing your company’s time, resources, and money in a charity organization is not a trivial thing. It would help if you chose a charity that is transparent and accountable for its resources.

Likewise, it is important to know how the charities’ monies and resources are dispensed, so your organization can find specific areas to assist, and also the risk involved in the relationship.

Furthermore, it would be best to look into the charity’s past to ascertain its credibility and integrity. What have they done? What communities have benefited? How many people have come out to recognize or highlight this charity organization’s good works? What are other companies donating to these charities, and which companies are they? These are questions your company must ask.

Lastly, let the nonprofit look into you as well. Let them assess if you are a company they are ready to associate with. Let it be a proper union, with both parties transparent, and working towards the same goal.

  1. A Trial Run?

Donate to a small project first. See the impact in the community or the people you are trying to support. This trial run would give you the best chance of assessing any charitable organization before the risk of a big commitment.

  1. Sustainability

Your organization needs to support causes with what they can sustain. It is imperative not to overextend into too many causes at once. Your organization needs to have a proper plan and strategy on donations and charitable assistance so as to maintain a healthy and sustainable commitment for your company.

  1. Get A Piece of The Fat Bone!

Take your time. Select the right cause. Ask the right questions. Donate your company’s money, resources and time without worrying about any additional problems. A patient dog, as they say.

Investing in a cause should be fun and rewarding. No organization wants the haggle of running into dubious charity organizations. Investing in a cause can also have layers. Your organization can choose to only patronize the businesses that support similar causes. That could have a trickle-down effect on the cause or community your organization is trying to aid.

Lastly, the cause your organization chooses to support should be the ultimate deciding factor. Your company should prioritize helping the causes it is passionate about most of all, before considering other factors.

Let us all try to make the most impact, to the best of our abilities. Choose wisely. Support the right cause!